Welcome to Oclectic Art by Olta Dokle!
…here you will find unique handmade art pieces in a variety of original designs, applied/decorative mixed media on recycled glass, collected bottles, jars or other forms of upcycled glass, limitless in sizes and shapes.
They make stunning bijou-like gifts for holidays, anniversaries, special occasions, special people, or thoughtful decorative gifts to match any home or office decor. Except decorating they can be useful as vases, candle-holders, decanters, or as you freely wish to use. They inspire and motivate, charm and delight, soothe and nurture, create an atmosphere or make a statement and greet your eye.
Each piece is one of a kind, named, numbered, signed and dated. Like DNA or a fingerprint, there aren’t two exactly the same, however they can (almost) be duplicated or custom designed, upon request. For more information see: http://www.oclectic.com/custom-order/
Last but not least, I only use Non-toxic & Eco-friendly materials and most of all…
…it’s all made with passion and love!